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Easy ways to go green and keep your small business sustainable

Sometimes even a small business can make a big environmental impact - good or bad. As well as helping to protect the environment, going green could save your business money and improve your reputation. So ahead of World Environment Day, we’ve put together a few simple tips and ideas that could breathe new life into your business’s sustainability and reduce its environmental impact.

Go paperless

A few decades ago, going paperless was nearly impossible for a small business, but now, thanks to advances in technology, many businesses can go almost entirely paper-free. Today’s accounting software lets you keep all of your invoices, expenses, bills, contact information and much more in the cloud.

Outgoing paper

Cutting down your paper usage won’t just help save trees - it could also save you money on printer supplies, paper costs and storage space. Instead of sending a printed invoice or letter, consider whether the same information could be sent more securely and efficiently via email. If you’re a FreeAgent user, you can send invoices and automatic payment reminders to clients via directly from the software, for example.

Incoming paper

When it comes to incoming mail, most banks and many suppliers have built-in options to allow their customers to go fully paper-free and receive all their communications via email or app. Take the time to do a quick audit and you could cut down your paper impact significantly.

Review your regular expenses

It’s easy to stick with the status quo when it comes to ongoing expenses like office supplies and regular business purchases. Luckily, this is often an area where there’s bags of room for eco-friendly improvements. Here are a few things to try that could have a big environmental impact:

  • Review your workplace energy supplier. Although it used to be the pricier option, renewable energy is now very competitive and often cheaper than its less environmentally friendly alternative.

  • Switch to LED light bulbs. You'll reduce your carbon footprint and potentially save up to £232 a year (if you work from home).

  • Cut back on single-use plastics. Invest in reusable water bottles for you and any employees, buy refillable hand washes and cleaning products and use tote bags instead of plastic bags.

  • If you sell goods that require packaging, check that you’re investing in the most sustainable option - your customers will most likely love to see you being green!

  • When it comes to waste, check that you and your team are recycling everything you can. Did you know that you can recycle old mobile phones, batteries and light bulbs?

Article orginally published by FreeAgent on 3rd June 21 at

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