CaFE Ambassador

CaFE : The simple solution to a classic business problem

Skymark Financial are proud to be an ambassador for CaFE,  simply connect CaFE to your cloud accounting software and it’ll start producing automated cash flow forecasts straightaway.


Permanently connected to your accounting software so you always have real-time information.


CaFE is more graphical than accounting software and simplifies our view of our cash position

We’ve tried to use other digital cashflow management tools sitting on Xero, but most are very complex and require a lot of manual input.
CaFE is exactly what most businesses need.

Find out more about CaFE
CaFE plugs into your cloud accounting
software and can be set up in minutes.
That’s it – you’re in control
CaFE works on facts, not forecasts to calculate your available cash so there is no need to enter budgets
The automatic sync feature pulls data from your accounting software to make an accurate cash projection
CaFE produces clear and easy to understand reports that you, your accountant and your financial advisers will love

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