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The cashflow app that puts you in control, easy to use, helping you understand and manage your cashflow.

Simple Set-Up


You’re ready to take control in minutes.

Simply select and log in to your cloud accounting software, confirm auto-sync, add the CaFE button to your mobile homescreen and you’re good to go.

‘Always On’ Cashflow Forecasting


With automatic synching, CaFE monitors your cash position without you having to do anything. Clear and visual reports are created that are constantly up-to-date.

Your dashboard gives you a 90-day view on your predicted cash position with daily highs and lows.

Should you look to be in danger of not having enough cash to meet outgoings when they’re due, the important items for collection and payment will be highlighted so that you can decide how to manage them.



Automated alerts can be sent to you by email when you need to act. Simply set the limit at the point you want to be notified. With CaFE, you don’t have to log in everyday to stay in control.

Multi-Account Management


Need to monitor several different bank accounts, both individually and in aggregate? Not a problem. CaFE allows you to monitor all the accounts you need to, giving you a complete view of your financial position.

Detailed Planning


If you want to take more control of your budgeting and cash flow forecasting, CaFE allows you to create 3m, 6m and 12m forecasts in just a few clicks*.

Once the base forecast has been created for you, you can then customise it as you need to by editing individual items of income and expenditure. You might want to model some different sales scenarios or establish the affordability of new overheads. This is all possible in CaFE.

As the year progresses, actual revenue and expenditure will be monitored against your budgets and clearly visualised.

*This feature is now available to Xero and FreeAgent users.

Business Performance


CaFE gives you instant access to up-to-date information on your profit and loss and a whole host of other important performance indicators to allow you or your advisers to see at a glance the current health of your business.

You can also look backwards at historical balances, transactions and financial performance ratios.

CaFE on your mobile


You need never be out of touch with your numbers and forecasts. CaFE’s specially designed mobile interface gives you a quick cash summary, including credit card balances, in one single view so that you can see your current cash position and any future risks instantly.

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